D23830: Port away from KHTML

Andreas Cord-Landwehr noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Wed Sep 11 07:16:13 BST 2019

cordlandwehr added a comment.

  @yurchor actually, I did not port to webkit/webengine but to the simple text browser view of Qt, which supports just a subset of HTML elements but brings the very big advantage that one is not dragging a full web engine with all of its overhead into an application just in order to display a table. So I really do not want to do more web stuff here.
  The next step for this port should be - in my opinion - to completely get rid of all HTML elements in the app and replace that with QWdigets; also in order to give a more consistent look and feel with other applications/other dialogs of this application. However, I would prefer to just port away of KHTML now and leave the QWidget port for later or GCI.

  R326 Kalzium


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