D25060: Fixing ASTAP Path on OS X and Setting Autostar as default for PHD2 Guiding

Robert Lancaster noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Wed Oct 30 05:54:24 GMT 2019

lancaster added a comment.

  So Ekos uses the green tracking box as the coordinates that will be used to set PHD2's lock position.  If the green tracking box has not been set, then PHD2 will automatically choose a star even if autostar isn't selected.
  Oh but also it gets the information from PHD2 when it is guiding, so that when PHD2 starts guiding, if you are receiving the full guide frames, PHD2 gives its current lock position and then Ekos sets the green tracking box on the star it is guiding upon.  So you are right, I guess PHD2 effectively ended up setting the lock position when it was guiding before and then later when it was told to guide again, the lock position that had been set was enforced.  So you didn't click to track on the star, as I thought you must have, but effectively PHD2 did.
  So yes you are right it wasn't exactly what I was thinking.  But really if the user has unchecked autostar, that means they want to choose the star. The idea that it should default back to automatically choosing a star if the user didn't actually pick one is essentially a fail safe and it does work pretty well in that it does get a star even if the user didn't pick one.  And I do believe that the change that I made in the other method should fix the issue you were having anyway, since it should let PHD2 pick a new star to guide upon if there is a meridian flip, which is when you had the issue anyway.
  So if you would like I can remove that code I added for you because as you said, we do want to respect the user's wish to not have auto star selected between sessions.
  The other question then is whether  we should add a bit of code that says if the user has auto star unselected and is using PHD2, but then the user hits the guide button without having selected a star as they should, a dialog could pop up warning the user to select a star first to start guiding. Or should we just let PHD2 set the tracking star in Ekos as it does now?

  R321 KStars


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