D22446: Adding error handling strategy control to Scheduler

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  Update to the discussion regarding aborted jobs and limits.


> wreissenberger wrote in scheduler.cpp:3165
> I'm afraid with multi-day schedules we have a conceptual problem with manually sorted lists. As soon as a job reaches its completion time we need to change the order. Otherwise re-scheduling it to the next day would mean that the following job is also postponed to the next day. 
> From that perspective, it makes sense shifting aborted jobs behind the scheduled ones. But this behavior conflicts with the option to immediately restarting an aborted job.
> Personally, I would opt to resolve multi-day schedules differently - e.g. by an external cron job. Otherwise we would lose the ability to restart aborted jobs immediately - which I see as essential having a robust schedule in nights with clouds.

Please take a look into this discussion: https://indilib.org/forum/general/5423-potential-bug-in-the-scheduler-mount-doesn-t-get-parked-when-guiding-aborted.html

It seems like the current behavior is not very intuitive regarding restarting jobs that hit limiting constraints.

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