D22163: Unit Testing of Two Sample Independent TTest

Stefan Gerlach noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Tue Jul 2 16:46:44 BST 2019

sgerlach added inline comments.


> devanshuagarwal wrote in TTestTest.cpp:53
> Sorry, I didn't get. Add space before?

I meant to add an empty line to make it more readable.

> devanshuagarwal wrote in TTestTest.cpp:86
> QDEBUG and DEBUG macro are not working in my pc, may be due to some setting. I have to check for it. I will use the macro, once I will fix the setting.

I thought that you already fixed it for you. If it's not working for you, please add a TODO-comment when using qDebug().

> devanshuagarwal wrote in TTestTest.cpp:91
> I tried using relative error. But, I am not getting what value of delta to use. If I use as small as 0.1 also then the test is not passing for values:
> actual: 1.51815e-05
> expected < 0.001
> which is very more accurate than expected.

the problem here is that the expected value is not known more precise? An absolute error of 0.01 make not much sense here.
I would suggest to use a more precise expected value or test for actual < expected in this case.

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