D17945: Tutorial screen added for odd even activity

Aman Kumar Gupta noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Thu Jan 17 16:24:58 GMT 2019

amankumargupta added inline comments.


> jjazeix wrote in Tutorial5.qml:30
> how?

Currently, 3 tutorial components are used to give 3 practice questions (skip one, and another comes). IMO, having it like this would be better: First 2 tutorials to explain would be there. Then these 3 practice questions would be in just one tutorial component. User answers correctly, the next one will be switched in the same file (technically, just the numbers will be updated inside TutorialBase only). On clicking "next" at any step of this practice, the tutorial ends (which currently happens when we skip all the 3 practice questions).

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