D18235: Meridian flips handled by Mount

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alainz added a comment.

  Le 01/02/2019 à 18:02, Wolfgang Reissenberger a écrit :
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  >  wreissenberger added a comment.
  >   In D18235#403245 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D18235#403245>,
  >   @alainz <https://phabricator.kde.org/p/alainz/> wrote:
  >   Selecting checkbox in the Capture tab alone is not sufficient, the
  >   Mount Tab checkbox must be selected too, Right?
  > At the end, the values on the Mount tab count. But when you start an
  >  imaging session from the Capture tab, the values from the Capture tab
  >  are forwarded to the Mount tab and overwrite the settings there.
  I see!
  >   The fact that we have two places whith meridian cflip checkbox and
  >   setpoint is a bit confusing to me and will probably raise many
  >   questions by other users later on, but this is a cosmetic thing,
  >   the code works!
  > Agreed. I would prefer shifting it from the Capture tab to the
  >  Scheduler tab, since the Scheduler contains data of other tabs as
  >  well. But I do not want to make the steps too big.
  >   I did not see the meridian flip beeing forwarded from capture to
  >   mount tab, I still had one value in capture tab and another in
  >   mount tab, and the value in mount tab is the one that triggered
  >   the flip. Is my interpretation correct?
  > The value from the Capture tab is not forwarded immediately when
  >  changing the values on the Capture tab but they change, when you press
  >  the "Start" button on the Capture tab.
  This was what I expected but id doesn't happen, I have to test again!
  Anyhow, good job!
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