D15841: Massive octave session and expression refactoring

Nikita Sirgienko noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Sat Sep 29 22:40:02 BST 2018

sirgienko added inline comments.


> octavesession.cpp:313
> +            qDebug() << "subprompt catch";
> +            m_process->write(")]'\"\n");
> +            m_output.clear();

This is not very good solution, but i have no idea, how I exit from octave "user input requrested" mode without errors. 
Better, if we could write something, that finish expression and go in 'line.contains(m_promt)' branch or more usefull error (without `)]'"` in end).
I also think about `additionInputRequsted` signal, but it's not very good solution: we split command in two different input field in this case.

  R55 Cantor


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