Andreas Cord-Landwehr cordlandwehr at
Sun Sep 9 08:50:48 BST 2018

On Montag, 3. September 2018 01:13:11 CEST Fernando Costa Rodrigues wrote:
> What about insert two new nodes to the KDE Edu community? After that you
> probably thought about a graph and this is what Rocs is all about. I would
> like to communicate that me and Luan Simões are willing to work on Rocs
> searching/fixing possible bugs, updating it as long as we can, and look
> forward, add new functionalities to the software.

Hey Fernando and Luan,

great to read about your plans! While reading your mail, directly many ideas 
came to my mind which I did not find time to work on. Maybe, they are a good 
inspiration for the things you want to do:

- Rocs is desperately waiting for getting ported away from QtScript (which is 
deprecated) to QJSEngine. The most tricky tasks here is probably the 
connection of objects that are created on the C++ side with objects inside the 
JavaScript world.

- In Rocs, only the default KTextEditor is used which highlights JavaScript 
quite fine. But all Rocs specific functions and global objects are not 
highlighted well. Creating special syntax highlighting for Rocs might be a 
nice thing there.

- When designing and thinking about algorithms, one usually thinks about them 
in kind of pseudo-code, which is very different to JavaScript and more close 
to languages like Python. A second scripting backend for Python would be very 
cool there. (Originally there was one based on Kross, but due to Kross being 
unmaintained and often leads to crashes that one got removed...)

- The documentation view is using QtWebkit which is a much too big engine for 
just simple presenting a small help view. I bet that there is a good 


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