D15076: Build failures with KSyntaxHighlighting 5.49

Ben Cooksley noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Mon Sep 3 11:38:24 BST 2018

bcooksley added a comment.

  @dfaure That change was an urgent measure on my part, in order to allow KDevelop tests on the CI system to find something, and be able to complete successfully. At the moment they all hang due to being unable to find any plugins (they have an error popup...). The lack of available plugins was a result of the ECM code completely breaking QT_PLUGIN_PATH - this is why some Framework tests fail as well, being unable to find any KIO plugins (disabling this same logic in ECM was what gave me the output I emailed to you about a week ago). We'll find out if my urgent measure was successful next time the Dependency Builds run through.

  R55 Cantor


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