Fernando Costa Rodrigues fernandocr at
Mon Sep 3 00:13:11 BST 2018

Hello guys!
What about insert two new nodes to the KDE Edu community? After that you
probably thought about a graph and this is what Rocs is all about. I would
like to communicate that me and Luan Simões are willing to work on Rocs
searching/fixing possible bugs, updating it as long as we can, and look
forward, add new functionalities to the software.

We are Computer Science students but don't worry! We are also under Tomaz
Canabrava, senior KDE programmer and Karina Mochetti, professor at
Universidade Federal Fluminense (Brazil), supervision.

As soon as possible you will start receiving good news from here and we
hope we can be really helpful to the KDE community.

Thank you! See you soon :)

- Fernando Costa: fernandocr at
- Luan Simôes: luansimoes at
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