D16429: [WIP] Rewrite of Scheduler planning

Wolfgang Reissenberger noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Sun Oct 28 15:35:23 GMT 2018

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  There are some things that do not work correctly:
  1. Select "Sort jobs by Altitude and Priority" and load a schedule with several jobs with priority 10. Now select a sequence for editing and change the priority of a sequence, e.g. first from 10 to 1. In my case, the job jumps on position 1. Up to here everything is fine. If you change it now to 15, it moves down, but the selection does not follow to the new position. In my case, the first line remains highlighted.
  2. Change the option "Sort jobs by Altitude and Priority". No matter in which direction, the Scheduler tab is not updated. If the option is set, the jobs remain unsorted. If the option is not set, the position buttons are disabled.
  In general, sorting by altitude and priority is kind of weird for me, since the table shows only the score value. For me sorting is not transparent. I would really appreciate if the table shows altitude and priority to make the sorting order more comprehensive.

  R321 KStars


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