D16324: Disable trace mode in KmPlot before deleting tracing curve from the plot

Albert Astals Cid noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Fri Oct 19 21:54:53 BST 2018

aacid added inline comments.


> parser.cpp:660
> +	// Disable trace mode if trace mode is enabled and reset statusbar
> +	if ( View::self()->m_currentPlot.functionID() >= 0 )
> +	{

I've no idea about kmplot so excuse me if what i say makes no sense :D

My guess is here you would actually want to compare m_currentPlot.functionId with something from "Function *item"?

I mean if you're removing a function that is not the plotted one does the view care?

  R334 KmPlot


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