D16133: Port KmPlot away from deprecated KStatusBar and kdelibs4support at all

Yuri Chornoivan noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Thu Oct 11 19:27:21 BST 2018

yurchor added a comment.

  In D16133#341434 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D16133#341434>, @cfeck wrote:
  > Checking the previous statusbar code, the id's have a range of 1 ... 4, so there should be 4 sections at list index 0 ... 3, accessed by `at(id - 1)`. The current patch adds 5 sections, and label at index 0 is never used.
  > I have not tested the patch, but the code to keep the status bar items at fixed sizes was removed, and I fear that hovering over the graphs makes the items all jump around due to sizes changing. Correct?
  Yes, it is correct. But there is no jumping. First labels are coordinates, they do not change much in size (I can record a screencast if you like to confirm). The other two labels are jumping in the same manner as in the unpatched version. The original behavior can be easily mimicked by adding several lines of ugly code to asses the width of 16 characters and a condition.
  Yes, one label is empty all the time. The code is simpler, I guess that's what we call  "the progress" in the new version. Should it be changed to mimic the original by shifting index by one in all the files to remove this extra label?

  R334 KmPlot


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