D12933: Update the MultipleStaff view to automatically add more staffs when more notes are added.

Aman Kumar Gupta noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Fri May 18 19:52:58 UTC 2018

amankumargupta added inline comments.


> jjazeix wrote in MultipleStaff.qml:81
> is there a way to not have to save/load every time we add a staff?

I think it's not. Cause when we increase the number of staves (model), the entire model gets refreshed and the notes are erased. So we need to store the notes temporarily and when then put it back into the model.

Regarding saving, we don't actually save it. We just temporarily store it in var melody and then feed this data to loadFromData() to insert them back into the staves.

> jjazeix wrote in MultipleStaff.qml:83
> there was a else before, it is normal that it is removed?

yes it is normal. Previously since we had fixed number of staff so if the staff were full, we would return else we increment the currentStaff. But now since we don't have limitations on staff numbers, we always increment it when the last staff is full (as we add a new staff at the end).

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