D12949: Show only already builded result in maxima backend

Alexander Semke noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Fri May 18 17:19:30 UTC 2018

asemke added inline comments.


> expression.cpp:174
> +    connect(renderer, &LatexRenderer::done, [=] { latexRendered(renderer, result); });
> +    connect(renderer, &LatexRenderer::error, [=] { latexRendered(renderer, result); });

why do we need these connects here at all? The rendering is blocking the GUI anyway if I see it correctly. Why not to simply call renderer->render() and then process the result in the same function? With this we can also create LatexRenderer on the stack, no need for new and deleteLater().

Ideally the rendering of the result shouldn't be blocking. Do you see what is blocking here?

> expression.cpp:207
> +    delete result;
> +

why this delete here?

> expression.h:28
>  #include "cantor_export.h"
> +#include "latexrenderer.h"

In case we really need the renderer in that function, you can use forward declaration here.

  R55 Cantor


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