Cantor 17.12 crashes working with R and Sage backends and is very slow with some other ones on Arch Linux.

Fernando de Morais fernandodemorais.jf at
Mon Jan 15 20:36:20 UTC 2018

Hello Alexander,

Thanks for your kind promptness to help.

I was able to compile Cantor from git repository, thanks to you.

But an unexpected behavior appeared (Pic 1):

Something gone wrong in build?

In advance, I would like to apologize for the immense work and possible
inconvenience I am causing you with all this reports.​

Best regards.

2018-01-15 16:19 GMT-03:00 Alexander Semke <alexander.semke at>:

> Hi Fernando,
> On 15.01.2018 05:57, Fernando de Morais wrote:
> [...]
> The problem is on the Julia Server for Cantor, in this case. Maybe I did
> something wrong?
> The API changed in Julia 0.6. I did a small fix. Cantor compiles now with
> Julia 0.6. Can you pull the new code and try again?
> Regards,
> Alexander


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