Cantor 17.12 crashes working with R and Sage backends and is very slow with some other ones on Arch Linux.

Alexander Semke alexander.semke at
Mon Jan 15 20:50:50 UTC 2018

Hi Fernando,

On 15.01.2018 21:36, Fernando de Morais wrote:
> [...]
> Something gone wrong in build?
The build is ok. You are almost done. I assume you did already 'make 
install' and everything was installed to /usr. Now you just need to do 
'export QT_PLUGIN_PATH=/usr/lib64/plugins' to make your self-compiled 
binary aware of the plugins. Adjust the path accordingly if you 
installed to /usr/local/ and /usr/local/lib(64)/plugins has to be used.

> In advance, I would like to apologize for the immense work and 
> possible inconvenience I am causing you with all this reports.‚Äč
Don't worry :-)


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