D17159: bug fix #400265: meridian flip check before capturing

Jasem Mutlaq noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Sat Dec 29 05:03:42 GMT 2018

mutlaqja added inline comments.


> wreissenberger wrote in capture.cpp:66
> I am not sure what happens, if the interface is created **before** the mount module has registered at the DBus. Therefore I capture both situations with this construct:
> - In case the mount module is created after the capture module, it triggers a call to registerNewModule and overwrites the first value.
> - If the mount module is create before the capture module, it should be registered at the DBus. In this case registerNewModule() will not be called.

Ok, not sure if in this instance using delete(mountInterface) in registerNewModule is required to free memory? The class is a child of "this" but not sure what happens when another "new" is used without deleting the first one.

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