D17494: Allow translation of the style plugin names in molecule viewer

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Sun Dec 16 08:49:29 GMT 2018

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  The approach here should be changed: instead of hardcoding the names of plugins in the `styleCombo`, they ought to be read directly from the `sceneModel()` of the GL widget. This way:
  1. the strings come directly from avogadro itself, no more need to translate them in kalzium
  2. the list of styles reflects what avogadro provides, so no more mismatch between what is hardcoded in kalzium vs the plugins avogadro has
  3. the documentation of kalzium ought to better not list all the plugins/styles available, since they depend on what avogadro has (mentioning a couple is more than enough, IMHO)
  This also means that more i18n work is needed in avogadro itself.


> index.docbook:494
>  				 <para>
> -				   The Molecular Editor allows you to view and edit molecules using <ulink url="http://avogadro.openmolecules.net/wiki/Main_Page">Avogadro 2</ulink> libraries.
> +				   The Molecular Editor allows you to view and edit molecules using <ulink url="https://avogadro.cc/">Avogadro 2</ulink> libraries.
>  				 </para>

This change is fine, just commit it directly outside of this review request.

> index.docbook:498-502
> -				   <!-- The downloaded from kde-apps data will be saved in <filename class="directory">$KDEHOME/share/apps/kalzium/molecules</filename>, they should be renamed to <filename><replaceable>molecule_name</replaceable>.cml</filename> manually. <envar>$KDEHOME</envar> is usually a hidden folder in your Home folder called <filename class="directory">.kde</filename> or <filename class="directory">.kde4</filename>
> -				   "$KDEHOME" is not always defined eg not in kubuntu 11.04
> -				   <filename class="directory">`kde4-config - -localprefix`/share/apps/kvtml</filename>
> -				   (without whitespace between '- -') is afaik always defined
> -				   -->

This change is fine, so just commit it outside of this review request.

> yurchor wrote in moleculeview.cpp:176
> But it does (tested). Does not work when changed to Qt::UserRole.

It "works" mostly because there is no i18n system in avogadrolibs, even though the strings are supposed to be translatable (marked with tr(), mentioned "shown in the gui" in the API docs, etc).

  R326 Kalzium


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