D16663: [import] Fix leaking AbstractFileFilters

Alexander Semke noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Fri Dec 7 08:12:06 GMT 2018

asemke added inline comments.


> croick wrote in ImportFileWidget.cpp:595
> The point of keeping the filter is not just a correct cleanup, but also to omit reparsing the file that is to be imported. `currentFileFilter()` gets called a lot and makes the UI unresponsive otherwise. (Which was my initial reason for this patch.)
> I could switch to a raw pointer still, but that would be inconsistent with the pointers for the options widgets.

Right, I overlooked this important part with omitting the reparsing of the file. But also this can be done with the raw pointers. Which inconsistency with the options widgets do you mean?

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