D14942: Connect new-image event to Scheduler imaging time estimator.

Eric Dejouhanet noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Wed Aug 29 20:04:40 BST 2018

TallFurryMan added a comment.

  I agree your patch will fix the use case you are describing. What I mean is that, because of what the root cause is, I would for instance prefer a patch that checks jobs, and if one of those has a state that will make the cache incoherent, drop the cache before looping through jobs.
  Extending on this, I think I'd rather drop the whole concept of cache and rewrite those functions using parallel asynchronous jobs. We had a lot of regressions due to that frame map, probably because it was an early optimization.

  R321 KStars

  improve__scheduler_image_update (branched from master)


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