D8859: Adapt the cmake buildsystem to be able to work with KDE CI

Aleix Pol Gonzalez noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Fri Nov 17 13:27:31 UTC 2017

apol added a comment.

  In https://phabricator.kde.org/D8859#168823, @ckertesz wrote:
  > I worked a half year ago to make the hackish Android build to something more simple and organized inside CMake on Linux desktop environment.
  >  I don't know how the Docker env. differs from Ubuntu Linux, but I don't wanna spend time to figure it out. I invested plenty of time to make it work inside the current CMake build.
  The docker image is based on ubuntu xenial.
  Sure, it's fine that you don't want to spend time on it, that's why I sent the patch. Also I know how this stuff work. After all I'm the author of the toolchain you forked into kstars.
  > Please:
  > - Don't remove any workaround, but e.g. the changes to kstars/main.cpp are okay which are compatible with the existing hacks.
  Okay, I'll guard them then we can remove them at a later iteration if you guys want.
  > - Changes related to be compatible with Docker are welcome if they don't break the desktop build.
  Of course.
  > What I propose:
  > - Please submit the minimal changes which are needed to make Docker build work and we can evaluate on the desktop build.
  >   I don't know if you have any means to detect the Docker build inside CMake and make some workarounds conditional based upon the Docker build env.
  Please note that I didn't add any workarounds, I just removed the ones that weren't needed.
  The big difference isn't docker or not docker but if the forked toolchain is being used or not.

  R321 KStars


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