Please help fixing bug KBruch #383865

Sebastian Stein seb.kde at
Thu Aug 31 07:08:19 UTC 2017

Tomaz Canabrava <tcanabrava at> [170831 08:50]:
> I would love to have you back for real, if you give me permission I'll
> implement the basics of unittests on KBruch so you can fill the void
> (considering that I have never worked with kbruch code, but it doesn't
> seems too complex to add the skeleton of testing)

It would be great if you could get me started here!

For example, a first unit test should check class Ratio. If Ratio is fine,
we also want to check class Task. As far as I remember, those classes have
no Qt specific code. They should be "pure" C++.

A bit more complicated is testing of Exercise* classes. Due to my bad
design, they do not just represent the mathimatical equation to solve, but
also code to visualize them. In those classes, there is usally a function
createTask to generate a new exercise including it's solution (which is of
course hidden to the user).

Are those unit tests somehow executed automatically on a regular basis (e.g.
after each git commit) or is it up to the dev to execute them? I guess they
will be wired into the cmake scripts, don't they?


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