Having KDE-Edu on the frontpage of api.kde.org

Aleix Pol aleixpol at kde.org
Wed Sep 28 22:32:03 UTC 2016

On Wed, Sep 28, 2016 at 8:19 PM, Olivier Churlaud <olivier at churlaud.com> wrote:
> IF YOU WANT TO ANSWER: I'm not on the mailinglist, so please put me in copy :)
> Hello,
> I write you because we had some issues with kstar today which is not correctly
> generated. I wasn't able to find why because it is generated by very old
> scripts.
> I'm therefore in the process of moving the generation to kapidox.
> I ran ./kdesrc-build kdeedu --src-only  to get all your projects.
> # What I've done
> (not commited yet, I'm waiting for a "go" from you, guys)
> 1. I put the group definition in kdeedu-data.
> 2. For each lib I created a metainfo.yaml file which is generic but let the app
> being generated
> # Issues you will have:
> 1. No fancynames, descriptions, maintainers, test/example/docs/source folders
> are defined, but "." so it fills with 'None' the missing fields and generates the
> documentation for tests and examples as well.
> 2. The rule is that only documented class are generated. I saw that some of
> your classes were not, so they won't appear.
> # My questions:
> Do I push this as it is and let you fix it later?
> or Do you want to take care of it and I help you if needed?
> How do we proceed?
> Cheers
> Olivier

Hi Olivier,
I wouldn't put KDE Edu on api.kde.org. KDE Edu is not for developers.
At least not on the main page.


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