Having KDE-Edu on the frontpage of api.kde.org

Olivier Churlaud olivier at churlaud.com
Wed Sep 28 18:19:28 UTC 2016

IF YOU WANT TO ANSWER: I'm not on the mailinglist, so please put me in copy :)


I write you because we had some issues with kstar today which is not correctly 
generated. I wasn't able to find why because it is generated by very old 

I'm therefore in the process of moving the generation to kapidox.

I ran ./kdesrc-build kdeedu --src-only  to get all your projects.

# What I've done 
(not commited yet, I'm waiting for a "go" from you, guys)

1. I put the group definition in kdeedu-data.
2. For each lib I created a metainfo.yaml file which is generic but let the app 
being generated

# Issues you will have:
1. No fancynames, descriptions, maintainers, test/example/docs/source folders 
are defined, but "." so it fills with 'None' the missing fields and generates the 
documentation for tests and examples as well.
2. The rule is that only documented class are generated. I saw that some of 
your classes were not, so they won't appear.

# My questions:
Do I push this as it is and let you fix it later?
or Do you want to take care of it and I help you if needed?

How do we proceed?


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