Review Request 128901: [Parley] Fix wrong displayed grade/pregrade in practise mode

Hartmut Riesenbeck hartmut.riesenbeck at
Wed Sep 21 13:31:33 UTC 2016

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(Updated Sept. 21, 2016, 1:31 nachm.)

Review request for KDE Edu.


Bugfix for conjugation practise mode. Grade/pregrade calculation were corrected. Right is to take the minimum grade only from the gramatical persons that are questioned and not from all persons stored for the vocable.

Repository: parley

Description (updated)

The grade/pregrade display at the upper right corner of the practice
dialog fails for conjugation, gender of nouns and comparsion sessions.
The grades of the base entry were shown instead of the congugation
resp. article or comparsion ones.

The missing virtual methods in the appropriate backend classed were added.

Later it turned out that grade values are correct but pregrade values were displayed false. This was caused by a bug in libkeduvocdocument. The m_preGrade and m_intervall members of KEduVocText were not copied by the assignment operator. I posted a bugfix for review already.
So this patch won't work correct without the mentioned libkeduvocdocument patch.

BUG: 368749

Diffs (updated)

  src/practice/comparisonbackendmode.h f99dc3aa9d6cdf1128e72f24f3c079d02d9ad3bb 
  src/practice/comparisonbackendmode.cpp 2dcfe126ca851311aa48b5422c16189f3aedc03c 
  src/practice/conjugationbackendmode.cpp 7e05584a6ae0c39a137f07272ca810a51b08323a 
  src/practice/genderbackendmode.h 676e39cbd4434d26475c1464e53fca6c883a5775 
  src/practice/genderbackendmode.cpp 724e4c46e968f1ac337d5e11c3e36af5ce27fc69 
  src/practice/practicestatemachine.cpp bc03ffe01d7a6bf57a04508ea74f944825283138 



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