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Wed Sep 14 00:39:45 UTC 2016


Build URL:,compiler=gcc/271/
Project: PLATFORM=Linux,compiler=gcc
Date of build: Wed, 14 Sep 2016 00:35:08 +0000
Build duration: 3 min 59 sec

Revision 898be9d3eead2b90868fb12f55a10b8067423a0c by mutlaqja: (If we cannot load the file, do not signal we have a BLOB)
  change: edit kstars/indi/indiccd.cpp
Revision 3642c4b76efb7620da8b86419092a50c5f1c589f by mutlaqja: (Fix setWCS enable/disable notification)
  change: edit kstars/ekos/align.h
  change: edit kstars/ekos/align.cpp
Revision 7ae00e2ebc1637bfd75e496c7b5ba0007d710a7b by mutlaqja: (Do not process a NULL BLOB)
  change: edit kstars/ekos/focus.cpp
Revision c547d10afc7021343a0b43c6fdea47160a3c96e2 by mutlaqja: (Using lambda to signal alignment startup after configured delay)
  change: edit kstars/ekos/capture.cpp
Revision ba36ebdd43b36cd9da0d76afe54a99a4496cd44a by mutlaqja: (Fix signal/slot connection. Disabled selecting autostar after)
  change: edit kstars/ekos/guide/guider.cpp
  change: edit kstars/ekos/guide/rcalibration.cpp
  change: edit kstars/ekos/guide.h
  change: edit kstars/ekos/guide.cpp

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