ktouch/frameworks and kqtquickcharts/frameworks ready to merge

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Mon Oct 31 10:45:01 UTC 2016

> Hello,


> KTouch and its charts component, kqtquickcharts, are ready for KF5-based
> release. kqtquickcharts has gotten a straight port to Qt Quick 2. For KTouch
> I have also removed all Plasma components and replaced them with the
> equivalent Qt Quick controls. Functionality-wise, nothing has changed.  For
> KTouch, some bugs have been resolved, mostly because of fixed shortcomings
> in Qt Quick 1.
> Does anyone still depend on the Qt Quick 1 version of kqtquickcharts? 

Having a look at apt-cache rdepends it seems noone

> It
> will be gone in the new version. If I get no complaints I will merge both
> project's frameworks branch to master the next week or so.

Remember the dependency freeze is November 10.


P.S: I gave the branches a quick try and could not find anything obviously 

> Best regards,
> Sebastian

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