Re: Dictionary files for Parley

Gunter Ohrner G.Ohrner at
Sun Oct 16 13:50:04 UTC 2016

Am Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2016, 15:19:53 CEST schrieb Gunter Ohrner:
> Meanwhile I somehow managed to get my "time forms" lists clean again and
> will now just try to enter basic word lists and see if I can somehow use
> that for training until I have any better alternative. :)

Mh - I now entered a bunch of words, but if I switch from editor view to 
training view using "Training -> Train", Parley crashes immediately. 
Unfortunately I've no idea how to install debug symbols in KDE Neon, so I 
cannot give proper stack traces.

Training works if it's the first thing I do after starting Parley.



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