Review Request 127881: Fix theme cache path handling

Hartmut Riesenbeck hartmut.riesenbeck at
Tue May 10 07:50:02 UTC 2016

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Review request for KDE Edu.

Repository: parley


When path to theme cache file does not exitst (e.g. after a fresh
installation) it is not created automatically which caused the
following error to be shown on stderr while reading and writing:

"QIODevice::read (QFile, "/path/to/theme/cache/startpagethemecache.bin"
): device not open"

Automatic creation of theme cache path is added. Location of cache file
is moved to QStandardPaths::CacheLocation.

Because for me it looks like that the theme image cache is what its name shows, a cache. I think that it's better to store it at QStandardPaths::CacheLocation rather then QStandardPaths::DataLocation.


  src/practice/imagecache.h 26afb8a5439d0909a8410c992eadd9cbe021fc5c 
  src/practice/imagecache.cpp 9d01395804c6bce3551743292790e6b642ab9337 
  src/practice/themedbackgroundrenderer.cpp 7623d69369e189abd66c4fff39b023fae32b73d1 




Hartmut Riesenbeck

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