Review Request 127441: Fix never ending event loop when quitting app and segmentation faults

Hartmut Riesenbeck hartmut.riesenbeck at
Fri Mar 25 20:40:42 UTC 2016

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(Updated March 25, 2016, 8:40 p.m.)


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Review request for KDE Edu.


Submitted with commit 1ecfb75bdddc176cd8837d39935329fd02b9f910 by Hartmut Riesenbeck to branch Applications/16.04.

Repository: parley


When the app is quited app.exec() doesn't return. The process stays in
sleeping state. Removed app.setQuitOnLastWindowClosed(false) because
the quit() or exec() method of the application were not invoked
somewhere else in the application.

After this the app ends in the correct way. But after quit is invoked,
there are sporadic segmentation faults and the following message was
shown on stderr:
    QCoreApplication::postEvent: Unexpected null receiver
This was fixed by removing zero pointer access in destuctor of

Added missing this pointer on KEduVocDocument allocation.


  src/main.cpp 2e87baa93f81349a187d620be2468f8a1bb4aca1 
  src/parleydocument.cpp cf4c81c3f8f35a99389d61a75d934cff3170b960 
  src/parleymainwindow.cpp d6f86debd32c1e77bbcca86a160906674960dce9 




Hartmut Riesenbeck

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