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Review request for KDE Edu and KDE Usability.


Submitted with commit 5e27c8c3da7cd95d9bc84649babc9d045c97e109 by Julian Helfferich to branch Applications/16.04.

Repository: parley


I have redesigned the Multiple Choice Practice Widget. Instead of QRadioButtons, the new design uses QPushButtons and tweaks their appearance using Qt Style Sheets making sure that the design works with all themes available on Get Hot New Stuff. The results are displayed in the screenshots attached:

New design:
In screenshot 1, entry 2 has keyboard focus while the mouse is hovering over entry 5. This uses the Gray theme.
In screenshot 2, the wrong entry 3 was selected. Additionally, the correct entry 2 is highlighted. Here, the Darkness theme is used.
In screenshot 3, the correct entry 3 was selected. Here, the Bees theme is used.

Old design:
Screenshots 4-6 correspond to screenshots 1-3, but using the old design for comparison.

I think, the new approach has some advantages over the old QRadioButton approach.

* Labels 1-5 indicate that entries can be selected by using this numbers as shortcuts.
* Borders around the words instead of underlining the word makes it clearer which entry is selected.
* Black text on light red or light green background is more legible than red/green text.

I have put much thought into this change and while I think the new approach is an improvement, I have also come to appreciate the QRadioButton approach. I am looking forward to hear your thoughts.


  src/practice/multiplechoicemodewidget.h 0d0b43c 
  src/practice/multiplechoicemodewidget.cpp 74b3279 



Practiced words:

* Selected correct entry
* Selceted wrong entry
* Pressed "Continue"
* Pressed "Answer later"

I tested the new design with all backgrounds available with Get Hot New Stuff.

File Attachments

New design: Entry selected, theme Gray
New design: Wrong answer, theme Darkness
New design: Correct answer, theme Bee
Old design: Entry selected, theme Gray
Old design: Wrong answer, theme Darkness
Old design: Correct answer, theme Bees


Julian Helfferich

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