[Labplot-devel] LabPlot 2.1.0 released

Alexander Semke Alexander.Semke at web.de
Mon Oct 26 22:02:12 UTC 2015

> It is now depending on the Extra CMake Modules package to be compiled.
> This package is usually required only for compiling KDE Frameworks 5 and
> apps that depends on KF5
I didn't check the dependencies of ECM. I just did it on openSuse. It dependes 
on kf5-filesystem. I was not aware of this dependence :-(

> Then I can't understand this dependence for the KDE4Libs-based version of
All the icons in src/pics have the same naming schema for both versions of the 
application and are installed correctly using the same CMakeFiles.txt thanks 
to ECM. I didn't manage to achieve this without ECM. I tried to minize the 
amount of work to do when supporting both versions. This was the reason.

> Please, provide a *complete* list of dependencies in the INSTALL file.
I'll do this. Thank you for the pointer.  But to be honest now, I don't think 
it was a good idea to use ECM for the kde4libs version. I think, there are 
still a lot of systems without any kf5-libraries in use...


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