Review Request 125646: by default use octave-cli rather than octave

Harald Sitter sitter at
Thu Oct 15 13:12:47 UTC 2015

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Review request for KDE Edu.

Repository: cantor


'octave' can randomly decide to load its GUI rather than the CLI depending
on environmental factors. We cannot stdin control the GUI, so there is no
point in introducing this instability but instead call octave-cli directly
since it is the only possibly operation mode we support.

(NB there also is a --no-gui switch which for me doesn't appear to work for
 some reason, so octave-cli directly seems the most reliable approach to


  src/backends/octave/octavebackend.kcfg 56ba6ce50de372f7c3e92be89b4b6d6c147cbfb5 



built and ran autotests on kubuntu 15.10 (octave 4.0)


Harald Sitter

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