Review Request 125269: Remove eigen2 support completely

Anton Gladky gladky.anton at
Tue Oct 13 20:19:02 UTC 2015

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Review request for KDE Edu and Andreas Cord-Landwehr.


Submitted with commit d2c5d6a228a27875878f419c3c676d243d61c825 by Andreas Cord-Landwehr on behalf of Anton Gladky to branch master.

Repository: step


Remove eigen2 support completely


  CMakeLists.txt 6aacfa4 
  step/ 1c16d82 
  step/ 95cbfe8 
  step/ 70416b1 
  stepcore/ f68a66e 
  stepcore/ 6a0e580 
  stepcore/ f932c66 
  stepcore/gas.h cebde4a 
  stepcore/ 21a066d 
  stepcore/ c177337 
  stepcore/ 0eee19f 
  stepcore/ b918a82 
  stepcore/ 974e1cc 
  stepcore/tool.h cff449e 



This patch is applied in Debian [1] to remove eigen2-support completely, because new eigen3_3.3 (not released yet) will drop eigen2-constructions.

The only problem place, which needs to be good tested is the calculation of Vector2d forceV, which needed to be rewritten,
see short discussion here [2].



Anton Gladky

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