Project for Google Summer of Code 2015

Souvik Das souvikdas728 at
Fri Mar 13 04:45:09 UTC 2015

Hi everyone,

KDE Edu applications are interesting and vary from small games to complex
mathematical software and I would like to introduce a new project based on
the card game 29.

The initial game design is supposed to support one user, and the other
three players game being simulated. Maybe later we can add an option for
two-player so that two users can partner up and play against the CPU.

I am experienced in C++ and I would be comfortable to code in it. For a
nice UI design I would choose QML. I have worked with C++ and QML before to
and contributed to Kanagram, another KDE Edu application to make the game
have a 2-player mode.

I had mailed my idea in KDE Games list but actually I got no answer back.
I am ready to work full time for the project to go live by the end of
summer. It goes without saying I would continue to work on it after my GSoC
period is over, to make the game better.

I would like to be given a chance to work on this Project for this year's
Google Summer of Code. Looking forward to hear from you people.

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