Help panel in Cantor

Alexander Rieder alexanderrieder at
Wed Jun 17 11:42:47 UTC 2015

Am 2015-06-17 um 11:37 schrieb Alexander Semke:
> Hi,
> I'm not getting the idea behind the help panel in cantor. Can somebody help?
> What is supposed to be shown there? Looking into the code I see that the
> content of KTextEdit in helppanelplugin.cpp is updated when an expression of
> type "HelpResult" was got in worksheet.cpp. What kind of expression is this?
> Naively, I expected to get the documentation for the currently used backend.
> E.g., maxima comes with an extensive documentation in html format. Also, help
> contents and help index files are provided (.hhc and .hhk files). wxMaxima is
> able to show this help. It would be great to integrate such kind of
> documentation in cantor too. Something similar to what kdevelop does with
> external help files would be of great value for the user.


the idea is, that many backends offer the possibility to ask for help by 
running a command, e.g. in maxima its "? command", in octave its "help 
command" etc. This information is often quite lengthy, and would 
therefore clutter the worksheet. This is why Cantor shows this help in a 
separate panel.
Obviously being able to show help from other sources would be great as 
well, if anybody wants to implement this :)

best regards,

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