Help panel in Cantor

Alexander Semke Alexander.Semke at
Wed Jun 17 09:37:53 UTC 2015


I'm not getting the idea behind the help panel in cantor. Can somebody help? 
What is supposed to be shown there? Looking into the code I see that the 
content of KTextEdit in helppanelplugin.cpp is updated when an expression of 
type "HelpResult" was got in worksheet.cpp. What kind of expression is this?

Naively, I expected to get the documentation for the currently used backend. 
E.g., maxima comes with an extensive documentation in html format. Also, help 
contents and help index files are provided (.hhc and .hhk files). wxMaxima is 
able to show this help. It would be great to integrate such kind of 
documentation in cantor too. Something similar to what kdevelop does with 
external help files would be of great value for the user.


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