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Hi P.,

there are seven hard-coded initial stages, after which the words go through
the usual "pots" (levels) as before. The time intervals for the initial
stages are all between a few minutes and 8 hours. The idea is to provide
extra intensive training of new words (and to replace the old "require
three consecutive right answers" option). Currently, the only way to change
the behaviour is to compile parley from sources (and change the intervals
for these initial stages before compiling). In all other aspects, the
initial stages behave just as usual levels, that is, if you answer a word
correctly, it goes onto the next initial stage (or, from the last initial
stage, to the usual level 2), and if you answer incorrectly, it drops all
the way to the beginning.

You can find the sources here:
I am not very experienced with compiling, but here is what I do on a
Kubuntu system. The following procedure should work on Kubuntu 14.10 or
15.04 - it does not work on 14.04 or older, in which case you would have to
clone some older version of the code from the repo (just write to me and I
will tell you which version works for me on Kubuntu 14.04).

- uninstall parley
- open the konsole
- the following command will create a directory called "parley" in the
current directory, and download the source files into it:
git clone git://
- alter the intervals right at the top of the file
src/collection/entryfilter.cpp   (the format is self-explanatory)
- then start Kdevelop and create a project containing the "parley" directory
- press the "build" button
- the file your_current_directory/parley/build/src/parley is the file that
you should use for opening parley

It would be great if you could file a "bug/wish report" at


2015-06-12 10:12 GMT+02:00 h3x32000-sf <h3x32000-sf at>:

> Hello,
> i have a question about the parley stages:
> Since updating to Parley 1.1.1 under debian, once wrong answered words
> remain in an inital stage and
> do not re-enter in the vocabulary-pots anymore. Also the
> blocking-configuration is not working as
> expected for these words. It seems, there is a second level-structure
> called "confidence" that is
> counting up. So, a right answered word doesnt jump to the secound pot but
> is remaining out of the
> pots and the confidence level is counting up. In the top right corner in
> the practice window is then
> written something like "initial, confidence 3"
> How do i get rid of this?
> Thak you for some help, i already asked google, but without sucess...
> Greets, P.
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