Parley: words remain in inital-stage

h3x32000-sf h3x32000-sf at
Fri Jun 12 08:12:51 UTC 2015


i have a question about the parley stages:
Since updating to Parley 1.1.1 under debian, once wrong answered words remain in an inital stage and
do not re-enter in the vocabulary-pots anymore. Also the blocking-configuration is not working as
expected for these words. It seems, there is a second level-structure called "confidence" that is
counting up. So, a right answered word doesnt jump to the secound pot but is remaining out of the
pots and the confidence level is counting up. In the top right corner in the practice window is then
written something like "initial, confidence 3"

How do i get rid of this?

Thak you for some help, i already asked google, but without sucess...

Greets, P.

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