Review Request 122674: New option to ignore punctuations

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Sun Feb 22 19:40:25 UTC 2015

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Review request for KDE Edu and Inge Wallin.

Repository: parley


option to ignore punctuations.check this one i'll delete old one.


  src/practice/writtenpracticevalidator.cpp e974441 
  src/practice/configure/generalpracticeoptions.ui a40c739 
  src/settings/parley.kcfg 0037420 
  src/practice/writtenpracticevalidator.h 93e7423 
  src/practice/writtenbackendmode.cpp 7b221b7 
  src/collection/testentry.h 4f47c38 



i have done testing it works fine.and about ur comment that y should capitaliztion check for punctuation,if u ingnore capitalization is checked then the string should be checked for puntuation mistake for lower alphabets.

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