OSX/CI: kig fails to build on branch master (when using Qt version below 5.4)

Jeremy Whiting jpwhiting at kde.org
Tue Feb 3 23:24:49 UTC 2015

I think the reason it's happening now is because most distros have Qt 5.4,
so that's the version of assistant developers are looking at, which states
that DataLocation is deprecated in favor of AppDataLocation. At least
that's why I used AppDataLocation in khangman earlier today. It's done
without thinking.

As for adding an #ifdef around use of DatLocation I think that's a bit
overkill, just use DataLocation until most/all applications depend on Qt
5.4, then we can change them to AppDataLocation if needed, though both
enumerations have the same value anyway, so no need to move away from the
deprecated one really.

On Tue, Feb 3, 2015 at 4:20 PM, Marko Käning <mk-lists at email.de> wrote:

> Hi Jeremy,
> On 04 Feb 2015, at 00:13 , Jeremy Whiting <jpwhiting at kde.org> wrote:
> > Sorry about khangman, just committed a fix that brings the dependency
> back to 5.3.
> thanks, but I don’t want to stop you from doing what must be done. :-)
> I was just wondering why it all happens just now, although Qt 5.4 still
> accepts QSP::DataLocation as a valid directory type…
> Would it perhaps make sense to introduce guarded code for both Qt5
> versions, perhaps? Same for kig and all the other projects?
> I mean, that would give users a chance who want to built KF5 on Qt5.3.x…
> Or are KF5 and Qt progressing so fast that such stuff doesn’t make sense?
> Greets,
> Marko
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