Review Request 122412: Add themes back into the new qml ui.

Jeremy Whiting jpwhiting at
Tue Feb 3 19:38:39 UTC 2015

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(Updated Feb. 3, 2015, 7:38 p.m.)


This change has been marked as submitted.

Review request for KDE Edu, Laszlo Papp and Rahul Chowdhury.

Repository: khangman


Default to "notes" theme from the harmattan ui.
Add theme choosing in the bottom toolbar.
Remove unused categoriesList method.
Install themes into khangman/themes/ rather than khangman/pics.
Added notes theme to standardthemes.xml file.
Changed background image from TileVertically to default Stretch.
Added new properties in khangman class as needed for currenttheme, themes
 and backgroundUrl.

TODO: Use theme letter colors and possibly placement also.


  themes/sea/CMakeLists.txt 9cf46fce4f93f1e7b0860fdc0763b5bb1f3317bf 
  themes/standardthemes.xml 3134a9cb19f83a876084f1173a886af3f0b03cd3 
  themes/winter/CMakeLists.txt 9f1fe312d108a66cb0782c2ef09326820fda2d1f 
  themes/desert/CMakeLists.txt c25958125998b841c54e1c5e9576bb051501bebd 
  themes/notes/CMakeLists.txt PRE-CREATION 
  src/qml/GamePage.qml 7d60baad978d93198a0778bae48ee64c1240ac9d 
  src/qml/main.qml 05163836caa636f383a964d7dc7dfb4324447938 
  themes/CMakeLists.txt f2a58a5758e3fa6cb3c70f56e9075ad57732a674 
  themes/bees/CMakeLists.txt c127574d41b105c64513c13b926b9b3ed25b01ae 
  src/khangman.h 481fb5bd5f8ea8577f14fd4b7e2a26e14c6fedcc 
  src/khangman.cpp 094c20ec1a0e21b52ede6c4500a5649fa572bcda 
  src/khangman.kcfg d4f402351881d2777a6f5a2dd25129fee571ed80 
  src/khmthemefactory.cpp 3e1a15f923ef31a8dede30456037f0209f2f3c81 



It builds, runs and theme changing works as far as I've checked. I've tried every theme and tried with no ~/.config/khangmanrc in place.
I would like to add the author of the notes theme, I think it was Eugene, but can't tell from the git log.


Jeremy Whiting

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