Global learning XPRIZE

Bruno Coudoin bruno.coudoin at
Mon Sep 22 22:27:07 UTC 2014


I have just been informed that the famous XPRIZE organization support projects that
develops learning solutions to empower children and communities around
the world:

While we could think GCompris is a good candidate, in the XPRIZE
solution they are much more ambitious than I have been in requiring that
"the learning solutions developed by this prize will enable a child to
learn autonomously".

I have always though GCompris has a tool to help a teacher or a parent,
not as an autonomous software. Not sure what happens when you leave
children with GCompris and no other guidance. For sure as today, this is
far from enough to learn reading.

Not sure on the KDE-EDU side if there is a project that could be a good candidate to XPRIZE.
Anyway, the interesting part is that there is money and XPRIZE requires the project to be open source. The winner will be free educational software.


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