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I found that there is some server side implementation:


Le 03/09/2014 03:36, Jeremy Whiting a écrit :
> KNewStuff3 can work with any server that implements the OCS REST
> protocol. Currently the only implementation of it is closed source
> though, and runs on and such. An open alternative has
> been in the works called bodega, but I'm not sure how functional it is
> yet though I have heard good things. KNewStuff3 doesn't yet work with
> bodega though, but it should be possible to create a bodega backend
> for KNewStuff3.
> BR,
> Jeremy
> On Tue, Sep 2, 2014 at 2:12 PM, Bruno Coudoin
> <bruno.coudoin at> wrote:
>> Le 27/08/2014 21:31, Andreas Xavier a écrit :
>>> You may be looking for.
>> Hi, I am aware of this technology but did not dig into it because I have
>> been told it relies on some proprietary code on the server side. Probably no
>> more true for the version 3. Just started to look at it, it's more broad
>> than what I though. We definitely have to check is this covers our
>> requirements.
>> Do you know what server side component is used at KDE?
>>> Yes. For referencing content across multiple files, CoLa has already
>>> suggested ids of the form,$COLLECTION.$UUID Perhaps we could
>>> generalize them to,$COLLECTION.$UUID to provide better
>>> orientation within the file.
>> I like this, in GCompris we also use $LOCALE in our urls to reference a
>> locale specific content. At runtime we replace $LOCALE in the url by the
>> current locale like 'fr'. An example explains it better:
>> voices/$LOCALE/colors/yellow.ogg.
>> Bruno.
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