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Tue Sep 2 18:28:38 UTC 2014

El Dissabte, 30 d'agost de 2014, a les 19:52:12, Alexander Semke va escriure:
> Hi all,


> we implemented a couple of new features in LabPlot and fixed some bugs and
> want to provide the next release of LabPlot as an officieal kde-edu
> application. LabPlot is still in extragear and is in the review process.
> There were a couple of comments on kde-devel, but no big issues. I'll ask
> again soon to move LabPlot to kde-edu.

I'm confused here, you can't be in extragear and review at the same time, and 
you can't be in extragear and kdeedu at the same time either. Let me explain 
the thing:

kdereview: The place were the broader community reviews stuff (well or they 
don't because they are slackers)
kdeedu: set of apps that are released synchronously by the release team every 
4 months as part of the "KDE Applications" release
extragear-*: sets of applications that are released under they own schedule by 
their own release people.

Now that i read your email to kde-core-devel, you mention moving to extragear-
edu not to kdeedu.

Can you confirm if you want extragear-edu or kdeedu?

> We still need some time to test the new features and to do some polishment.
> I would like to ask the community to help. We need icons and documentation.
> Yuri already started writing some documentation. I hope I can contibute to
> this soon too. Can somebody help we nice icons? Also, testers and any kind
> of feedback is very welcome.

Icons have always been a hard thing to do, not many of us know how to draw 
something pretty, try or 
and see if you have some luck.

> Also, once LabPlot is accepted as an edu-application, it would be nice to
> have an entry on done? How is the update of this site
> done? Who can do this?

What are you thinking, moving (which ideally is 
something we'd want so it's all under umbrella as mandated by the 
manigesto) or just a icon/link?


> Thanks for your answers in advance.
> Best regards
> Alexander
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