kdedu frameworks status + TODO

Christoph Feck christoph at maxiom.de
Mon Oct 27 15:58:58 UTC 2014


I checked repositories in KDE/kdeedu for KF5 porting branches.

- kalgebra
	frameworks branch is already merged to master.
	Aleix, please confirm that next release is KF5 based at
	Otherwise, ask Albert to release the KDE/4.14 branch.

- kanagram
- parly
	these are listed at the status page (link above) to get a KF5
	based release, but they still have "frameworks" branches. Please
	check if these need to be merged to master and/or deleted.

- artikulate
- kmplot
- rocs
	decided to be released as kdelibs4 applications, see release
	status page.

- kig
	has two porting branches: "frameworks" and "kf5". Please merge,
	and delete one of them.

- kalzium
- kbruch
- ktouch
- kturtle
- kwordquiz
	I did not find a porting branch. If there is already one, please
	clarify branch name. If you create one, please use "frameworks".
	Unless someone objects, I am willing to start kalzium porting.

- blinken
- cantor
- kgeography
- khangman
- kiten
- klettres
- kstars
- marble
- pairs
- step:
	These have a "frameworks" porting branch ("kde-frameworks-5" for
	marble). If there are unresolved blockers for release, you can add
	some information to the status page. Others could then help
	Otherwise, we just assume the ports are not releaseable yet.

	If you plan to merge them to master for the 14.12 December
	release, this must be done until Wednesday (29th October).

Merci and happy porting :)

Christoph Feck (kdepepo)

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