[Parley-devel] Some ideas after a 1st test of parley on OSX

"Marko Käning" mk-lists at email.de
Sat Nov 29 15:09:53 UTC 2014

Hi Inge,

> This is super good feedback.

you're welcome!

> This is shown in the window title bar showing "[modified]" after the 
> filename.

Oh, I hadn't noticed that yet... You are right, the feature is there. :)

> In the mean time we could possibly introduce a hack by letting the user 
> add a separator character to the files which will only be recognized by 
> newer versions of parley.

Yes, that makes sense. Perhaps in such a way that the user can decide
whether she/he wants to enable it or not.

> This is impossible to implement right now because there is no way to send 
> feedback like this to the opendesktop services, where is where these files 

Well, that's something to really keep in mind! Very important point I believe.

> > 13) Accessing Parley’s “Preferences” menu item in OSX’s main menu via
> > “parley/Preferences…” crashes the application. Choosing 
> “Settings/Configure
> > Parley…”, however, works just fine!
> This is difficult for me to find since I don't have OSX (yet?).  Could 
> somebody who works a lot on the Mac help me here (hint, hint)?

I think this is addressed in https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/120149/ and
one could ask René for support on this.


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