[KDE/Mac] Shadow-rendering glitch in 4.14.1-Parley due to software rendering mode on MacPorts' KDE 4.13.3?

"Marko Käning" mk-lists at email.de
Sat Nov 22 20:56:21 UTC 2014

Hi René and Inge,

> Also in German.  But not in the Scandinavian countries. The name comes 
> from the old Norse god Ing, who was definitely male. I have no idea what 
> the origin of the German/Dutch name is, though. :)

I ran into the same trap with him! ;-)

> No, this is wrong. It builds against kdelibs 4.13 (at least, I'm 95% certain 
> that it does). However, you do need libkdeedu 4.14. For Parley 4.14.1 or 
> later you also need libkdeedu 4.14.1 or later since we added some calls 
> which we use.

René, as described by Inge I only adjusted the version for libkdeedu and parley,
otherwise the residual ports were at version 4.13.3 from MacPorts. Please refer
to [1]! 

Just now I have set up two new ports (libkdeedu-devel and parley-devel), which
grab the sources from specified (more recent) git revisions. :-) I've  attached
the portfiles to this post. Happy testing!

Inge: The dirty flag is set correctly for the devel version. As this now runs
      on another system than 2 days ago (OSX 10.6.8) it could also be that
      we've found a Mavericks issue (OSX 10.9.5) here... Has to be tested!!!


[1] http://quickgit.kde.org/?p=macports-kde.git&a=commit&h=0744e4e4934ca77c7274b45be1298e9884b0316d
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