[kig] /: Enable C++11

David Narvaez david.narvaez at computer.org
Sat Jan 18 14:59:56 UTC 2014

On Fri, Jan 17, 2014 at 7:27 PM, Frederik Gladhorn <gladhorn at kde.org> wrote:
> Are you sure this is a good idea?
> Older versions of these compilers do not support C++11, so your logic is
> flawed. If at all you'd have to also check for versions and even if there is
> C++11 support, it varies which features are implemented.
> I'd suggest you take a look at
> qtbase/src/corelib/global/qcompilerdetection.h in Qt 5 if you really want to
> go in this direction.

I pretty much copied what was done in KDevPlatform[1] to enable C++11
support, but I'll take a look at Qt5 as you suggest. My
interpretatinon of enabling C++11 is not supporting older versions of
those compilers that do not support the flag, but I agree it could be
done in a more elegant way like displaying nice error messages.

Thanks for the feedback!

David E. Narvaez

[1] http://commits.kde.org/kdevplatform/fedb51885a812f2dad631441018c66a60bef0dc3

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